The main products: polyester reinforced mesh (including light box cloth, AD inkjet cloth, canopy cover), glass fiber textile fabric (including multi-axial fabric, stitch-bonded chopped strand mat, composite mat, woven roving), composite material, geogrid, and so on. Polyester reinforced mesh is widely used in AD light box cloth, roof canopy cover, waterproof tarpaulin for trucks, etc.;
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  • 上架工夫: 2011-01-22
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Weft insertion warp mesh folder (High Strength)

Weft insertion warp yarn with polyester fabric is biaxial warp knitting machine, by bundling warp and weft yarn to stitch-js06a.com金沙官网登入 together into a circle, with good structural, chemical resistance, load capacity, high strength, light weight and so on.

High strength and low shrinkage polyester mesh folder mainly use high strength and low shrinkage polyester filament woven products, particularly with high strength, heat shrinkage-澳门金沙 characteristics of small, mainly used for advertising banner, tarpaulin, membrane materials, coating mesh cloth and other high-end products.

Products are mainly used materials: 500D, 1000D, 1500D.
Main process:. 18x12, 9x9,18x18,12x12,6x6 etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.

Related Product Specifications:

Specification Density ends/inch Stitch Style  Weight g/m2  Width m 
500DX500D 9X9  round or flat stitch 88±3 1.1m-3.3m
500DX500D 12X12  round stitch 68±3 1.1m-3.3m
500DX500D 18X12  round stitch 82±3 1.1m-3.3m
500DX500D 18X16 round stitch 94±3 1.1m-3.3m

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