The main products: polyester reinforced mesh (including light box cloth, AD inkjet cloth, canopy cover), glass fiber textile fabric (including multi-axial fabric, stitch-bonded chopped strand mat, composite mat, woven roving), composite material, geogrid, and so on. Polyester reinforced mesh is widely used in AD light box cloth, roof canopy cover, waterproof tarpaulin for trucks, etc.;
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  • 上架工夫: 2017-08-28
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PVC tent fabric used to make all kinds of military or civilian tents, tent cloth is a kind of strength, flexibility, good tarpaulins, tent cloth has many uses: as the sun and rain for defense, defense strong winds, especially for bring convenient camping. Color and thickness can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Specifications:

1) Material: PVC film-澳门金沙 and mesh
2) Unit Weight: 500GSM
3) fabric Specifications: 200Dx500D / 18x12
4) Width: 1.37m-3.20m
5) Packing: Built-3015.cc金沙 kraft paper tube