The main products: polyester reinforced mesh (including light box cloth, AD inkjet cloth, canopy cover), glass fiber textile fabric (including multi-axial fabric, stitch-bonded chopped strand mat, composite mat, woven roving), composite material, geogrid, and so on. Polyester reinforced mesh is widely used in AD light box cloth, roof canopy cover, waterproof tarpaulin for trucks, etc.;
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  • 商品名称: 1000DX1000D/9X9/710GSM
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  • 上架工夫: 2017-08-28
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Banner outside lighting
Banner outside lighting can be used for solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers variety and expression screen effect, colorful, high color fastness strength, strong anti-UV capability, long-term durability-澳门金沙,
Applicable models are: solvent-based inkjet printers, such as: Noel, Witt, Scitex, DGI,-澳门金沙 Fei Yang, Seville, color of God, etc.), eco-solvent inkjet printers-金沙国际备用网址, such as: Cammjet, Mimaki, Mutoh, Falcon, Eastench, Roland, FJ etc)

1) Large indoor and light box
2) indoor and outdoor exhibition,
3) Airport lightboxes
5) all kinds of tent cloth.

Product Specifications:
1) Material: PVC film and mesh
2) Unit Weight: 710GSM
3) fabric Specifications: 1000Dx1000D / 9x9
4) Width: 1.37m-3.20m
5) Packing: Built kraft paper tube Outsourcing